Traffic Management Plans

Safeway Traffic Management Solutions can offer a comprehensive range of Traffic Management Plans & Reports to meet all demands of clients, RTA and Council DA approvals. We work closely and liaise with local and government authorities for a smooth transition from planning to construction.

Traffic Control Plan/Traffic Management Plan (TCP/TMP)

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The most important aspect of any phase in Traffic Management, is the Traffic Control Plan (TCP).

Our qualified and experienced staff use dedicated software that illustrate required signs, requirements and layout of all site specific projects.

The design, selection and implementation of traffic control measures are of paramount importance in ensuring the safety of people at work sites. It’s important and imperative to develop plans to best suit the site conditions in Compliance with the Australian Standards “Manual of Uniform Traffic control Devices for Work on Roads” and RTA specifications “Traffic Control at Work Sites Manual”.

Our in-depth analysis, auditing and understanding of site requirements allow us to offer you the safest, efficient and most effective traffic management solution at all times. We provide plans for all types of projects large or small. View Sample

Construction Traffic Management Plans (CTMP)

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Our CTMP can assist you in fulfilling council requirements by ensuring that the impact of construction works on public domain, in particular with respect to temporary interruptions of vehicular and pedestrian traffic is minimal.

Safeway ensures that public safety is maintained at all times and wherever possible interruptions to the user of public space is minimised.

The report will detail the following:

  • Traffic Control Plans in accordance with AS 1742.3
  • Identifying affected public domain areas
  • Development & Construction Plan (staging of works)
  • Measures to reduce the impact of works
  • Construction Plan, showing site sheds, loading zones
  • Pedestrian/Public Transport/Emergency Services
  • Truck Detour Route (if required)

Communication with relevant parties via:

  • Letter Drop of the works area
  • VMS Board communication prior to construction
  • Newspaper Advertising/Radio Station Notification

Our expertise and experienced team will ensure our clients & council requirements are met with the highest standard of professionalism at all times. You can trust Safeway Traffic Management Solutions to prepare the best Traffic Management Plan for you requirements.